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Fear, the worst enemy of the negotiator

Jules Bakhos 13th February 2024

A company came to us for help, referred by one of our partners. Their problem was in collecting from a client who is a major company in another country.

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The broken hot tub

Jules Bakhos 1st February 2024

Last summer, a group of friends, consisting of four couples, decided to book a week-long getaway in a renowned guest house in Lebanon’s beautiful northern region.

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Don’t give the house away Harry!

Jules Bakhos 17th January 2024

This is an interesting story that I witnessed while on vacation with my wife in the Caribbean’s. The manager of the luxury boutique hotel in Grand Bahama Island said to Lillian a young tourist lady: “the room will cost you 2400 dollars for the wh...

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What negotiators can learn from kids?

Jules Bakhos 1st January 2024

I couldn’t agree more when they say that kids are the best negotiators. I am lucky to be a mom to two amazing girls. I tell you this because I learn from my little people every day. If you really observe kids, I believe they can be the best teache...

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